The Beijing Biddies Challenge is becoming very real!

Beijing Biddies £150K charity challenge sponsored vehicleWe are two like-minded women on a mission, embarking on this challenging journey of a lifetime through unknown territory on 1st May 2014. This is less than four months away and so much is happening that our heads are spinning, the phone doesn’t stop ringing and planning is going full steam ahead! Edwina has just started her advanced driving course, we have created our own fundraising wine club, others are hosting events on our behalf and we have some incredible sponsors for equipment, advertising, nutritional supplements, GPS kit and much more to be announced shortly!

So what exactly is the challenge for the Beijing Biddies?

Take a look at our trailer to get a feel for the size of our challenge, and read on for a bit more detail.

Our challenge is to reach our destination of Beijing in China within 30 days, without support and with minimal comfort! This is an incredibly tight timeframe and we have an extremely challenging target of £150.000 to support two of the most worthwhile charities, Cancer Research UK and Macmillan Cancer Support. We know that with your support we can do it! We have amazing sponsors who are helping us every step of the way and we will be announcing some amazing news soon about the car! 

Beijing Biddies Sunday Lunch Westmorland Hotel We’re busy fundraising and raising our profile, and our next event is our “farewell” Sunday lunch on 27th April at Westmorland Hotel Tebay. See here for more details. If you have any ideas for how we can do more, please do get in touch.

If you would like to know more about us, and what has motivated us to embark on this fundraising journey, please take a look here.

Donating and assistance with sponsorship

Donate here towards Beijing Biddies fundraising targetAny donation that you can give will make a huge difference to our fundraising challenge, and we thank you sincerely for your support. Please click here to visit our donation page. We also need your help with our “shopping list” to prepare for the trip. If you can assist with kit or assistance, we will ensure that our key sponsors receive great publicity and recognition!


Click this image on website to visit the online brochureClick here or on the image on the left to see our brochure online – it gives a bit more detail on what has motivated us, what our aim is, and what we need in order to succeed!

Your help will be invaluable. We will be giving more detail as we build towards departure date (1st May 2014) on exactly what difference our fundraising will make for these inspirational charities.


One day we will beat cancer. Help us to make it sooner. In the meantime, no one should face cancer alone. And with your support no one will.

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