Beijiing Biddies reach Altai Republic

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 Beijing Biddies Team Work

Day 20.

Well here we are in the Altai Republic.

Beijing Biddies Meet a Camel in Altai Republic_edited-2Simply amazing to think that we are are in the South East of Russia after 17 days of driving. 2 extra days had to be spent in Moscow due to the Military Victory Day Parade and 1 extra day in Kurgan due to a visit to an Oncology hospital.

A visit had to be made to The Nissan Dealer in Barnoul in order to repair the Laser lights, the radio and CD and check all the fluids and tyres.

Lunch was served at the Nissan Dealers and we were treated like Royalty by a very charming Guy called Anton whose English was very good.

Left Nissan at 1pm to drive to Gorno Altaysk the tiny capital of the Altai Republic.

Arrived in Gorno Altaysk at 6.30pm but we did not arrive at our hotel until 8pm. Great team work by the Biddies to find the venue. Excellent driving by BB2 whilst BB1 was using every means possible to find the directions to the hotel. This was proving difficult as nobody spoke any English! After stopping many people BB1 called Alex the trusted contact in Moscow for him to call the hotel for directions. A phone call prior to the hotel was unsuccessful as nobody spoke English. Then stopped a fellow Nissan driver who was then connected with Alex and as a result he escorted the Biddies to their hotel. I would add the poor man was minding his own business when he was pounced on by the Biddies.

We may be far away, but the messages of support from home make a huge difference. Just have to say that having the vehicles so recognisable with the bold signage from AST Signs makes a big difference too……. we seem to attract a lot of attention!

Just giving Beijing Biddies 2_edited-1

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