Beijing Biddies Adventure in Kurgan

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Beijing Biddies delight in food at Italian Restaurant Kurgan

Kurgan. Trials, triumphs and finally some decent dinner!

Day 14

The BBs planned to leave in good time from a very weird looking hotel where the bedroom was quite depressing and the breakfast equally so. The feature of this place was the location on Lake Turgoyak. A very lengthy administrative checkout had to be done because of our very late arrival. An interview and some filming then had to be actioned. After that there was a bit of a panic because BB2 thought the crash catcher had gone walkies. Thank goodness it was found under the bed and must have got kicked when the BBs collapsed in a heap!

It took a long time to get to the main road and back on route. Our journey this day was to Kurgan. Missed a turn and consequently lost the camera crew who arrived in Kurgan before us. It was a very long boring journey. On arrival in to kurgan, the hotel was very difficult to find. Asked a lady in a BMW the directions and she very kindly led us to our hotel which was very small but new and functional just off one the main streets. Beijing Biddies delight in food at Italian Restaurant KurganAs luck would have it there was an Italian restaurant just opposite to which there was a very speedy change of clothing, a collection of clothes to be laundered and a very fast entrance in to the restaurant as it was going to be the first dinner for 3 days.


Day 15

An incredible day in Kurgan set up by Alex, a great contact of BB1.

Oncology Hospital Kurgan Beijing BiddiesIn the morning the BBs were taken to an Oncology hospital in Kurgan. A presentation was given by the Vice Principal on the developments taking place in Kurgan for cancer sufferers. A translater was on hand. A tour of the hospital was made.

Then there was a sightseeing tour and another translator was provided.

After the sightseeing tour a meeting had been set up with a group of men who are part of Off Road Russia. They were very keen to help the BBs with various tips and advice as they had been through Mongolia several times.

Exciting times! Warmest regards from BB1 & BB2, and a big thank you for spreading the word and helping us to work towards our goal! ,

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