Beijing Biddies adventure continues

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Day 26

Woke up in car to another very windy morning ( not the BBs but the weather). Breakfast in car, and ablutions again behind a herd of sheep and goats were seen advancing towards the vehicle.
A very long and challenging journey through the most amazing landscape
A stop in Buutsagaan for a late Mongolian Breakfast of we think lamb dumplings
A decision was made to keep driving to Bayranhongor as the BBs after 3 nights sleeping in car now looking very grubby and not smelling too fresh needed to find a bed and hot shower. Of course the first thing BB1 needed to find was a Mongolian hairdresser! 3rd
More to follow.

Day 27

Woke to a beautiful sunny morning. Breakfast was not included but no surprise as the cost of the room was £22.91!!!  Managed to boil a kettle in the room to make a coffee and some crisp breads and dried cranberries were brought from the car pantry!

A visit to a bank to exchange some money was next on the list. This was not a good viMonument Mongolia Beijing Biddies_edited-1sit for BB1. Why? Having been shown to an office to exchange money. Whilst gathering her Roubles to exchange a gust of wind blew through the window and BB1 was horrified to see 2 of her notes disappear out of the window.

Then visit to the square to find the American Cultural Centre. After numerous enquiries we were told it no longer existed.

Time for the road and on to our next destination – Arvalkheer. Yet again great difficulty in finding route out of the town. This journey took us through yet again a very different landscape of rolling hills and wide green planes plus the absolute treat of driving on our first tarmac road. Having read our Lonely Planet, 3 hotels were found. The BBs chose the best hotel in town. However it is not quite like the book says and one has to wonder what the other 2 are possibly like. However one must keep in mind that the room costs £16.66 and includes breakfast. The BBs are waiting with great apprehension as to what will be served.

Sleeping bags have been brought from the car to put on top of the beds!!

Children and camel meet Beijing Biddies 2BBs are desperate to get some laundry done but having seen the sheets and towels draping over some banisters have changed their minds due to the rather grey and stained appearance if tem.

Having checked in and placed our sleeping bags on the beds, a stroll was taken round Arvaikheer and met with lots of lovely local people and children.

Dinner was taken at a local well known Mongolian restaurant where the Biddies met 2 French journalists who are living in Mongolia and doing a study on air pollution associated with lung cancer and know the 2 consultants in Ulaan Baataar who we had already planned to meet. What a small world.

Time to return to our unique overnight accommodation!!

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