Beijing Biddies and another trip to the Garage

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Rocking and a Rolling their way through Mongolia

Note from the team back home: As you’ll see from this post, the challenges that the Beijing Biddies face are substantial. They are doing this to raise £150K for Macmillan Cancer Support and Cancer Research UK, to help make inroads to beat cancer. They have very personal reasons for choosing these charities, and have been overwhelmed by the support shown so far by you all. This includes friends, families, those who have started to follow their challenge and the amazing sponsors who have made the trip possible. The determination of BB1 & 2 to reach their goal (geographically and monetarily) does not waver but they desperately need help to spread the word and raise more sponsorship to get closer to their goal. Anything anyone of you can do to help with sharing their story is so very much appreciated.  For anyone who would like to donate (we know many of you have already) you can contribute online here, or by texting BBID60 + £amount to 70070. Thank you so much

Day 25

BBs got up early to get sorted out with vehicle, make breakfast and carry out ablutions behind a rock. This is some what difficult with a howling wind behind.
All set to go after a very challenging previous evening
Beijing Biddies and the Number PlateAs we rocked,rolled and shook ( thank goodness neither BB has false teeth)  in our quest to reach the next town of Altai disaster struck again when loud rattling and juddering of metal took place. Out get the BBs to investigate and found out that the laser lighting bar and number plate had been ripped off.
Quick renovation done and application of substitute number plate was put on.
BBs continued on their journey and reached Altai to refuel and on opening the doors the  BBs were nearly blown away and doors nearly taken off due to the incredible gale force winds that were whipping up terrific sand and gravel. Altai is very high up.
More disaster was to follow when BB2 insistent upon diesel being put in and pointing to the sign to make sure found to her horror found that the girl had topped up the tank with petrol!’!
What to do now when one is in.the middle of nowhere and one’s s Mongolian is not so Good plus the fact that it was Sunday!!!
Luck was on our side as lower down the road was a Mongol Rally auto centre
BBS would point out that this is a garage in a broken down shack and not quite like the Nissan centres! Also a call was made to the contact in Ulaan.Bazaar in case further was needed.
After 2hrs of draining tank with a team of 6 men and a lady, BBs were ready to refuel again and get on their merry way.
A very long distance had to be covered to make up time and consequently another night’s sleep in the car. Too dark to set up camp
Vodka seems to have become part of the staple diet.

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