Beijing Biddies and Close Encounters of the Camel Kind

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The car was nearly exchanged for a camel….

Day 28

Beijing Biddies meet Mongolian CamelsEarly start due to the long distance to be travelled. Met with Oliver and Anise the French journalists again before they departed for the Gobi desert.

Interesting journey that covered many different kinds of road conditions.

Challenge is when do find some Tarmac road, you are unable to see the deep potholes.

Journey made very interesting by stopping at a traditional herders yurt. The lady was was very friendly but obviously did not speak any English.

Again we managed to stop to have a bite of lunch by some sand dunes and camels to which the BBs were challenged to have a ride by the camera crew. The BBs decided this could be a good option to travel to the next town but in the end decided against it.

The closer the BBs got to Ulaan Baatar, the greater the traffic. This was the first time since leaving that so much traffic had been seen.

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