Beijing Biddies and the Chinnghis Khan Monument

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Day 31 Camera crew thought the Biddies were joking when they were told that it wase I necessary to leave at 7am Being benevolent Biddies this was changed to a start no later than 8am because of the morning traffic and the distance to be driven.

On route made a short detour to visit the Chinnghis Khaan monument which is one of the world’s greatest spectacles. This great statue is made of stainless steel and stands on a circular building which houses a museum. Simply amazing and fantastic views by standing on the horse’s head. Then back to the road to Saynshand. This was a long boring drive through boring countryside which was so very flat after all the spectacular land that we had driven through.This part of the world is at the edge of the Gobi desert. The hope was to stay in a Yurt for the night but the one that we had identified could not be found consequently having driven out of Saynshand to find it we then had to drive back to Saynshand to find a hotel for the night. A Mongolian  dinner was had which will not be going on the menu at Cheskin House’!!

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