Beijing Biddies are approaching Chinese Border…

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Last push through Mongolia

Beijing Biddies and their breakfast of beans and biscuitsBBs got up early in the morning in their Yurt debating where best to go for the morning ablutions! BB2 was brave enough to go to the deli dated loo block which was full of flies and everything else!! BB1 thought otherwise and disappeared behind the car.

Next was breakfast for the Beijing Biddies – a 5 star delight of baked beans, chocolate biscuits and mini cheddars!!

Biddies now had to tackle the emptying of Jerry cans from the roof rack in readiness for entry in to China.

Next on the list was to go back to the temple and monastery which were closed the previous day. In the Monastery BB1 received another blessing which was of a different nature to the one in Ulaan Baataar. It appeared to be layers of manuscript covered in a damask cloth to which the Monk lifted and then struck BB1 on the head and shoulders and then 2 packets of an unknown substance was given. The Biddies are now trying to find out what this substance is!

Time to leave and continue the journey to the Mongolian border. The Biddies had hoped tho camp but on arrival near to the border, the road disintegrated in to sandy tracks which led to queues of lorries waiting to cross the border.

Consequently there was no safe place to camp. As a result accommodation needed to be found for the night in a somewhat seedy border town. Visited 1 hotel which had no rooms, the 2nd one visited had a room but on viewing the Biddies walked out due to the smell. 3rd time lucky a room was found. Dinner was based on the food bought for the camping and taken in the room.

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