The Beijing Biddies Challenge continues in Mongolia

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Beijing Biddies and another puncture in Mongolia

Day 23

Mongolia beauty contrasts with conditions on challenge for Beijing BiddiesNow in a restaurant in Ulgii with Zubik and Martina where there is Wifi
A very interesting night’s stay with a Kazakh family. The Biddies woke up slightly stiff and cold! A quick getting dressed as the loo facilities were outside and across the yard
It was also.snowing and very cold.
Interesting breakfast of bread with some sheep’s Butter!
Challenge for the Biddies will be the lack of washing facilities!
The weather today is very cold with heavy rain clouds over the mountains where we will be travelling
We are told that it is 200 kms to the next town called Hovd and the roads are extremely bad. Obviously if it is raining it will be very difficult to see the rather big potholes!!
Just made our way in to a restaurant so the Wifi can be picked up
After a trip will be taken to the Bazaar to see if there is any very warm clothing.
Not sure where we will be sleeping tonight.

Day 24

Sorry I am a little tired and slightly mixed up with the days and all the events that have happened. We just want to thank everyone who is supporting us on this huge charity challenge for Macmillan Cancer Support and Cancer Research UK.

After put up the tent in.the dark, Alas alack disaster struck! As we rocked and rolled over the bumps and potholes, we ground to a halt with a puncture on the rear back tyre

Great team work as the BBs set to work in.changing the tyre
This done, a place was then found to park the vehicle. Make supper and settle down for the night. It was now 10.30pm.

Absolutely exhausted, but onwards and upwards……..

Just giving Beijing Biddies 2_edited-1

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