Beijing Biddies Depart from Russia with love and on to Mongolia

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Who’d have thought an Orange could taste so good?

Day 22

Mongolian Hospitality for Beijing Biddies_edited-1On packing car an orange was found which had.travelled all the way from Cumbria.
The money bag of BB 1 broke yesterday and BB 1 was very pleased to find a local workman
to give her a piece of string to tie it up
BB1 then pierced her finger with her penknife whilst trying to open a box of dates.
On finally leaving Aktash and wellu on the route BB 1 realised that she had left her earrings
Well those are the 3 things so do not have to break a match.
Now passed through Kosh Agach and nearly at border.
Dramatic change in Landscape
People are all smiley and friendly.

Mongolian Hospitality from a Local Family

Arrived at Russian border at 2pm
Needless to say there was a very lengthy exit procedure
Finally made it out of Russia! Simply amazing that we had been.driving through Russia for 15 days and now were about to enter Mongolia. There there was a very complicated and confused system but was able to enlist the help of one of the officials called Yerlan to facilitate the process and the exchange of monies
Alot of black market exchange takes place with the immigration officers. I have
BB2 was very concerned that her mate  had disappeared as she had seen her whisked in to a room with 3 buxom women. Finally BB1 emerged looking very relaxed but then disappeared again in to another room which turned out to be a bank.
Another stop after the Customs clearance at the car insurance shack. Insurance was taken but goodness knows what it says
Finally we were on our way in to Mongolia
Interesting start to our journey through Mongolia as various parts of the very bumpy road was blocked at various points
Undeterred the Biddies set off across country to weave their back to the unmade road further on.
Arrived in a town which the Biddies had no idea which it was as there were no signs
At this point it was 7.45pm and the light was going, freezing cold and the buzzards were soaring above
It did not seem.such a great idea to camp! There are no such things as hotels so after numerous dialogues with local people and numerous phone calls a bed was found with a local.Kazakh family. A veritable Mongolian feast was provided
Just waiting for BB2 to return with the torch from the water closet across the very dark yard
At the moment the Biddies are wondering where one performs one’s nightly ablutions!

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