Beijing Biddies Face Another Serious Car Challenge

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And with no music they break into song…..

Day 18

Just giving Beijing Biddies 2_edited-1This was a very long driving day of 9 hours which took us from Omsk to Novosobirsk.

Going through some roadworks a workman started waving to the front of car. We found that the Laser bar cluster had come adrift on one side. A bolt and bracket had been lost!

This added to our frustration that we now had no radio or CD as that had gone off in the morning!

BB2 then decided to sing but has now run out of suitable songs so BB1 has called Phillip her contact in Moscow to arrange a visit to the Nissan Dealer in Barnoul. Here we go again! Now staying in a hotel which is like Fort Knox.Siberian facilities Beijing Biddies way from Omsk to Novosobirsk the BBs needed a loo break so stopped at a ‘trucking cafe’. The standard of loo was 1 standard up – it was heart shaped!!!

Please help us to spread the word on Beijing Biddies. We’re doing this to raise vital funds to beat cancer with Macmillan Cancer Support and Cancer Research UK. It is the adventure of a lifetime, but full of intense challenge and every penny you donate makes every mile more worthwhile! Thank you so much



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