Beijing Biddies go wild in Moscow…. well they try to!

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The Largest Military Parade in the World in Moscow and the Beijing Biddies Were There.. Nearly!

Day 9 

People walk with flags and balloons towards St. Basil's Cathedral on Red Square during a rally in MoscowA great day in Moscow as it was the Military Parade- the largest Military parade in the world! However it was very difficult to get about as most of the roads were closed.

A decision to take the metro to Red Square was taken but this proved to be more challenging than the driving. Up and down escalators that appeared to be 1 mile long at least 6 times, changing stations several times before finally getting on a tube which was taking us the wrong way!!! One and a half hours later we finally got to our station 4 stops away………not to be allowed to get out of the station because of the parade!

Still at least we got the essential laundry done!!

 Day 10

Edwina checking route in Russia Beijing Biddies charity challenge1_edited-1BB 2 does the final checking of the route for the day.

Departed for Suzdal an old Russian town in the Golden Ring.  Stopped to have a picnic lunch at one of the Russian picnic tables which turned out to be by a swamp!! Quite a silly idea considering there is a glut of tick mites due to the warm wet spring!!

Back on route tomorrow for Kazan. Do remember that every single penny you donate to support us on this challenge of a life time will make such a difference. Text BBID60 + £amount to 70070. Thank you so much. Or follow the link to Virgin Money Giving here 

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