Beijing Biddies hit Moscow…. after a hiccup or two!

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A tricky border control delay……. but no match for the Beijing Biddies

The Beijing BIddies hit Moscow

Day 7 continued.

Arrived at the border at 4.45am!! First 2 booths at the border were fairly straight forward. 3rd booth – there was a very officious Russian woman who periodically brushed her hair, had a coffee, disappeared out of the booth, made me complete 6 declaration forms and then there was a change in the shift! This resulted in a 2 and a half hour wait!!! Eventually we then drove for 8 hours to reach Moscow and enjoy the mad hairy driving of the Russians!

Day 8 Blog

Needed to visit Nissan dealer in Moscow to have vehicle checked over as there were 1or 2 concerns! Kate and I decided to swap cars as we thought we could do the journey quicker in this one!

Beijing Biddies consider swapping cars in Russia

And back to reality………. Making sure that all is OK underneath with the Nissan Pathfinder in readiness for our journey in to Siberia and beyond! The challenge steps up!

Beijing Biddies Nissan up on the ramps for a check over

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2 Comments on “Beijing Biddies hit Moscow…. after a hiccup or two!”

  1. Kate Wilson

    Looking forward to the next update, and wishing the ladies good speed and safety through the Siberian stage. Inspirational Beijing BIddies!

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