Beijing Biddies reach Chinese Border on last leg of challenge

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The challenge of Chinese Border

A bright and early start to make our way to the border and to make room in the car for the guide.

First part at the Mongolian border was fairly straight forward until the Biddies got to the Customs clearance. At this point there was a similar confusion similar to our entry in to Mongolia. This resulted in one of the officers disappearing with the customs forms and hence BB1having her passport stamped twice. The Biddies and camera crew were then ordered to empty the entire vehicle much to their horror however BB1 won them round in her usual persuasive manner and saved the day. All now completed when was found that Gary, camera man had failed to get his passport stamped on entry. Consequently this led to a certain level of concern with Gary! The Biddies thought he might have to stay in Mongolia. Eventually it was sorted out after a very long delay.

Beijing Biddies at Chinese BorderThe challenge was to be the next part on entering the Chinese border.

It was very interesting to go from a very unprofessional confused Mongolian border to a very efficient, disciplined and officious reception from the Chinese border police.

On entry a phone call was made to our guide called Jimmy.

A series of inspections were then made of the vehicle and many photos taken of the outside of the vehicle and the contents. We were then told by our guide that the vehicle would have to remain there until all the paperwork had been completed between the government office, the Chinese company and the paperwork that the Biddies had sent in.Beijing Biddies charming the Chinese Border Team

Jimmy our guide advised us that we would spend the night in Erenhot while all this was being actioned. We were then taken to our hotel to check in. A visit to a bank was them made in order to now get Chinese Yen. Biddies hoping that the vehicle will be ready tomorrow to undertake the last leg of the journey to Beijing.


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