DAY 2: Back across the border


The Edinburgh Caravan Club Site exceeded all expectations. It was a lovely location for the Beijing Biddies to spend their first night – despite the early 5am departure the following morning!

Driving through The Borders, we had to stop for an emergency break to warm up at Streamers Sandwich Bar in Coldstream. The superb staff, Susan and Rory, were so touched by the Beijing Biddies’ charitable efforts that they generously supplied coffee and bacon butties free of charge.

On numerous occasions, the team had to pull over to let the accumulating traffic pass, but at one point, the convoy was joined by a car full of supporters with their cameras at the ready!

Bill has continued to demonstrate his proficient driving skills in the motorhome, leading the tiny Tuk Tuks through treacherous traffic although – despite holding everyone up on the roads – there are plenty of smiles from the public.

The team made quick progress on the day’s 135-mile journey and arrived in Newcastle two hours ahead of schedule.

First stop was a visit to BBC Newcastle for a radio interview with Jon Harle for the drive time show, followed by time at The Great North Children’s Hospital at The Royal Victoria Infirmary. Once again, the team was welcomed with waving hands from four-year-old Mia Presch and her family and it was great to see them again.

After a talk with Dr. Quentin Campbell-Hewson, a paediatric oncologist, the team was invited inside for a tour of the centre where the ladies handed out bags full of cuddly toys for the young patients. The oncology staff thought that the Beijing Biddies Tuk Tuk Challenge was a marvellous idea, as the money raised also supports the additional research required to continue to improve the success of cancer treatments.

Spending time here touched so many hearts and really illustrated the true purpose of this whole challenge.