DAY 6: Tiny Tuk Tuks tour London


There’s nothing quite like wolfing down a pot of Wolfy’s howling good porridge in the sunshine to get the day off to a good start (courtesy of the kind people at Wolfy’s) – and the team needed all the energy it could muster for the drive to London.

As they neared the capital, the ladies had a brunch stop at the Silver Ball Transport Cafe, which was heaving with hundreds of motorcyclists. Whilst bacon and egg breakfasts were collected left, right, and centre, so were a few kind donations. Thank you to everyone for such generosity.

For the London stage of the journey the team had the services of Paul and Carly, from P&C Services, who acted as guides and gave everyone comfort and confidence as they led the convoy through impatient city traffic.

There was the occasional panic as ‘typical’ London drivers challenged the Beijing Biddies on their journey. However there were also some memorable moments as the two tiny Tuk Tuks took in some of the city’s iconic sights like the Strand, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Tower Bridge, Westminster Bridge and London Bridge.

Kate never thought that she would be able to say that she had driven a Tuk Tuk through London, but today was her lucky day!