National Cancer Centre of Mongolia & Blessings from a Buddhist Monk for Beijing Biddies

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Day 28

An early start was decided upon for the Beijing Biddies as we wished to get to Ulaan.Bataar.
Needless to say breakfast was skipped in light of the state of the,hotel!!
Quick snack again from the vehicle pantry
Stopped on route to ride a camel and have a lunch break for a change.
Arrival in to Ulaan.Bataar coincided with their rush hour so was very manic. Great team work again from the BBs as BB1 steered in.and out of the traffic and starting behaving like a local using the horn whilst BB2 navigated in her usual excellent ways and as result the BBs arrived safely at the Chinnghis Khaan hotel to be greeted by Julian Pearson from the British Embassy.
Hosted well by Julian at a local. Indian restaurant
This time the BBs went to bed wallowing in the comfort of a comfortable bed and hot bath.

Day 29
A very early start as Julian was collecting us to take us to the British Embassy for a meeting with his colleagues.
Very supportive and eager to help in Ulaan.Bataar and our onward journey.
Beijing Biddies and the Buddhist Monk MongoliaArrangements were made for us to visit the National Cancer Centre and young lady called Tungaa was assigned for the day to guide us to certain places and to translate.
A visit was made to a monastery where the Biddies by a delightful Monk who spoke good English. With the blessing the Biddies are hoping for no more punctures in the next leg of their journey to the Chinese border.
Beijing Biddies National Cancer Centre MongoliaThe next place the Biddies visited was the National Cancer Centre of Mongolia where met a charming gentleman called Bayar Oyun, deputy head of the centre. He gave us a wonderful presentation on the situation in Mongolia.
A tour of the hospital then followed which obviously was very moving.
This was then followed by a light lunch and some souvenir shopping.
A very challenging return to the hotel ad it was in the midst of the rush hour. Too far to walk, no taxi to be found so a mad scramble on to a bus joining the crowded throngs like sardines in a can.

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