Beijing Biddies exit Kurgan for Siberian Omsk

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Beijing Biddies and the Siberian Stretch of Challenge

Day 16

A rare treat for the Beijing Biddies charity challengeThis is the day that we departed Kurgan to Ishim. Another delayed start as Dimitri our host from the previous day wished to take photos at our hotel and at the exit of Kurgan. In addition our car was very dirty and we decided to get it cleaned. The car wash place was very civilised with a waiting room with cafe, magazines etc. and the car came out looking like new all for the princely sum of 250 Roubles which is £4.16!

Dimitri then led us to the outskirts of Kurgan for some photo shoots.

A detour was taken to one of the very tiny villages. Met with some locals and 2 little boys to whom some crayons were given.

After we continued our journey. Stopped to have a coffee at a very small modern cafe which seemed very strange in the midst of this vast and remote part of the world. Siberia covers 12.5 million sq Kms!

Fun was to be had on part of the roads on leaving the cafe. Unmade roads with deep potholes, ruts, sand and the general chaos of cars and lorries bouncing along. 4WD had to be adopted. BB1 was the lucky one to be driving and found it to be great fun!

Day 17 and a bit of muscle toning for BB2

Another delayed start as it was necessary to wait for camera crew to copy some film footage.

BB2 conducted a thorough vehicle check whilst this was happening and BB1 was planning the next few days. BB2 reported a much more toned right leg from pumping up the tyres after the challenging 4 WD drive the day before!

The drive for this day was to be purposefully shorter due to a very long drive the following day. However the BBs were still late in arriving in Omsk due to the Satellite Navigation directing us to the middle of a derelict industrial site next to a major railway line. A call to dear Alex in Moscow helped to solve the problem. A near street name to the hotel was given and BB1 was able to locate it on the phone and link to the Sat Nav. On arrival at our venue, the BBs after all the efforts of finding were very tempted to drive away! Area was somewhat ‘seedy’ and the hotel looked somewhat run down. Beijing Biddies eat dinner in their room againA man suddenly appeared at the door and beckoned us in. True saying ‘never judge a book by its cover’. The warmest of welcomes, nothing too much trouble, laundry done for us, a bar of chocolate each and a clean comfortable room. By this time the BBs were rather tired and decided on a quick trip to the supermarket opposite and supper to be had in the room.

Any hopes of an early night were dashed again. BBs went to bed praying that the vehicle was still there in the morning!

More to follow shortly! Thanks again for following us on this epic challenge. A reminder here of how you can support us on the way to reach our goal for Macmillan Cancer Support and Cancer Research UK

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