The Beijing Biddies Arctic Challenge – success!

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Beijing Biddies reach their destination #BBArctic Arctic Circle

Beijing Biddies reach their destination #BBArctic Arctic CircleWe’ve done it! We’ve completed our challenge and reached Nordkapp, the northern-most tip of Norway- we arrived at 10:30am GTM. Our Beijing Biddies Arctic Challenge has been an incredible and definitely challenging experience.

It took us 95 hours and 30 minutes (less than four days) to drive 2,863 miles, without any overnight stops, travelling through France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway into the heart of the Arctic Circle.

We initially reached Nordkapp at 6am GMT but had to wait four hours for a convoy to lead us the final 13 kilometres to the tip of the cape.

We are absolutely thrilled to have made it in such a great time. A huge thank you to everyone who has been following our progress over the last few days for all their messages of love and support, and for all the donations that have been coming in for our cancer charities.

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