VIDEO: Tuk Tuk Test Drive


Tuk Tuk Test Drive

The Beijing Biddies and Babes have been test driving two Tuk Tuks in preparation for their grand challenge in May.

There was never a dull moment, and not even the weather could dampen the day as the sun broke through the clouds just in time to get the engines started.

The four ladies persevered through multiple mishaps as the three-wheeled rickshaws were stalled countless times – but they never once failed to laugh from the amusement of it all.

Special thanks goes to Tom Doyle of Tuk Tuk UK for supervising the Tuk Tuk rookies as they jolted around their off-road playground in Irlam, Manchester.

Although not yet road worthy, it won’t be long until these fearless adventurers will be on the real roads, travelling 1100 miles around the UK for their final challenge… Keep an eye out!