The Mayor Welcomes Beijing Biddies back from Arctic Challenge at Lloyds Volvo

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We were delighted that the Mayor of Carlisle (who kindly waved us off from the city centre at the start of the arctic challenge) was there to welcome us home as well. At a reception hosted by Lloyds Motors (sponsors of our two steadfast and excellent Volvos), we had an opportunity to thank so many people who have supported us along the way. We are well over half way in our fundraising challenge target, having raised just shy of £60K of our £100K target. To donate, please visit – our Virgin giving page. Thanks so much for continued support in beating cancer, buy miles! Our Arctic Challenge may be completed, but there is more to come. Watch this space…..

ITV Border covered the event, and here is their snippet from website.

Mayor Welcomes Beijing Biddies home after Arctic Challenge ITV Border